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WGT – Episode 016

WGT – Episode 016

WGT – Episode 016

1280 720 Austin Barrow

Mark and Austin catch up with their old friend Jason D. Williams this week. The Boogie Woogie Rockin’ Roll wild child shares some great stories about growing up in El Dorado, getting banned from Nashville because of his on-stage antics and a little history on his extensive piano collection. We also got permission on a couple of tracks, Fingernails (a We Goat This fan favorite) and This is Rock & Roll. You can find Jason at his website www.rockinjasondwilliams.com, on Twitter @rockinjasond and Facebook.

Jason is playing at Musicfest on Saturday, October 3rd on the PJ’s Coffee Stage, along with Sleepy LaBeef (you can hear the Sleepy podcast here, Episode #13) and Monty Russell.

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