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WGT – Episode 007

WGT – Episode 007

1200 803 Austin Barrow

Austin and Mark spend an amazing 75 minutes on the We Goat This podcast with the incredible Paul Thorn. Topics include church, Babalu Tacos & TapasClassic Memphis Wrestling, Jerry Lawler, songwriting, Elvis Presley, fighting Roberto Duran on national TV, pimps, preachers and our mutual friend Kim Williams. Come out and see Paul here in El Dorado this weekend as part of the Showtime Summer Concert Series. He is without a doubt, “Too Blessed To Be Stressed”. #‎paulthorn‪ #‎eldoradoarkansas ‪#‎jerrylawler ‪#‎robertoduran ‪#‎showtimeconcertseries ‪#‎tupelo ‪#‎tooblessedtobestressed

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