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A Screenplay Inspired by Real Life Events

1616 536 Austin Barrow

So, I’ve had a lot of inquiries from family and friends to let them know what I’m working on at the moment. In the past three months, I’ve written three complete screenplays, and I’d like to share my favorite with you.


Take a deep dive into a variety of art forms with artists of all walks of life and get a chance to take a peek behind the curtain and attempt to tease out the secrets behind the creative process.

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ARCHIVED: Recorded from El Dorado Festivals & Events World Headquarters (and the occasional tour bus or horse barn), Austin Barrow and Mark Givens enter the podcast world with “We Goat This”, there unique, weekly take on all things relating to arts & entertainment in the City of Gold. Sit down with Austin and Mark as they discuss the transformation of a city along with interviewing the talented cast of characters that are taking part in making it happen. No edits. No nets. No problem. “We Goat This”.