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Popcorn & Soda Pop

Popcorn & Soda Pop

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Popcorn & Soda Pop

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Popcorn & Soda Pop

Entertainment, music, art and food shall be flooding the streets in downtown El Dorado in the next two years, and I am lucky enough to find myself smack-dab in the middle of the planning for this new venture. As President of El Dorado Festivals & Events, along with our CEO, Terry Stewart, we are looking forward to producing a bevy of events to take over the new Arts & Entertainment District in downtown El Dorado. Programming for such a wide variety of spaces means that we must immerse ourselves in current pop-culture, art movements, new music & great food. All those hours on YouTube, reading Rolling Stone and Artforum magazines and watching movies will finally pay off! I know, it’s a really tough job.

Pinocchio is becoming a real boy!

Since I was a child I have been a voracious consumer of entertainment and I found an amazing partner in working with Terry. It is a rare day the newest music of the day isn’t playing throughout the office. “Have you read/seen/heard this yet,” is the most common phrase uttered everyday. There is a glut of content available to the masses and digesting it all is more than a two man job, which is why we look forward to taking these conversations out of the office and out onto the streets.

As we get closer to “Pinocchio becoming a real boy,” down here in our world of developing an Arts & Entertainment District, I get an increasing number of people approaching me with ideas for events. I hear a lot about the gold standards that people want to see involving a variety of foods, beer, larger variety in music genres, famous exhibits and Broadway tours. However, I am always surprised to learn about some of the more fringe interests in programming that are truly unique like Art shows that take place between midnight and 4AM filled with moving, glowing forms or a 5k/10k in support of a local cause where the entrants dress up like their favorite Star Wars characters.

Believe me, there is a wealth of entertainment options out in the world and we see something new and interesting popping up weekly. The beauty of the current moment is that we all have an opportunity to influence what is possible in these coming venues. Count on seeing the gold standards, but keep an eye out for the unique. If we are to truly stand out as a entertainment hub for the region, then we must be open to a variety of experiences.

We look forward to welcoming you all down the rabbit hole of our adventures, and would love to hear back from you on ideas for what we should feature once facilities are open. What are your dream groups, artists, foodies you would love to see visit El Dorado? What great exhibit have you seen in other regions that must visit this new venue? We’re programming and we are interested in your ideas, young and old, classic or contemporary. Let’s have some fun making El Dorado one of the best places for entertainment in the South.

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