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Lights, Camera, Downtown

Lights, Camera, Downtown

5 minute read with video

Lights, Camera, Downtown

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Lights, Camera, Downtown

Okay, perhaps you have had the opportunity to see the new video we made last month telling you how much we love downtown El Dorado? Well, if you haven’t … it’s a must, and if you have … you gotta watch it again.

I was inspired last year during the second annual El Dorado Film Festival, when completely surrounded by extremely talented filmmakers. Our inspiration video, the single by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis was sucking up bandwidth all over the world and I loved the way they highlighted the uniqueness Seattle during the filming. After listening to a number of interviews with them, I learned that “downtown” is a passionate idea for both of these musicians.

Jumping at the the opportunity to be in rooms full of talent for three straight days, I began to ask for help in creating a parody of the song. Luckily, it was met with immediate excitement. After several follow up meetings over the phone, we had our lyricist, choreographer, filmmaker and director of photography. With a crew, primarily coming from out of town, we had a good number of schedules to juggle, which pushed the filming to spring of this year. Although, I believe we would have all preferred to jump on the idea in the moment, the extra time worked to our advantage, as the weather was absolutely beautiful during the shoot.

We had a unique manner with which we built the rest of the cast of characters. The crowd scene at the end was the largest of our concerns. Choreographing over one hundred people in a dance off turned out to be quite fun. Johnnie Stapleton (choreographer and lyricist) compiled numerous videos of the dance moves and posted them on Facebook, where those following along could work at perfection on their own.

With more than 100,000 views combined on YouTube, Facebook and about a dozen news websites across the net, I can say that we are thoroughly excited about the response. If your proud of where your from or just love spreading a positive message, please share this will all your friends.

Oh, and by the way, we are working on a part 2 …

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