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It’s Been Five Years

It’s Been Five Years

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It’s Been Five Years

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It's Been Five Years

May must be the month of anniversaries. Perhaps others will assign this label to another month of the year, but I can’t think of a more active month for celebrating, or attempting to forget landmark dates. I can attach graduations, movings, new jobs, leaving jobs, and I even have a large number of friends and acquaintances with birthdays and wedding anniversary celebrations in the month of May.

Not only is renovating the equivalence of six city blocks amazing and crazy, it’s also transformative …

I’m going to blame this occurrence on the school year, at least in my case. Having been a professor for a number of years and graduated three times from three different schools, I can tie many of my major moves in life to the school calendar. One might label me a gypsy as I have now lived in 15 different homes since graduating from high school 20 years ago, and no I can’t help you pack this weekend. In fact, I have now lived in El Dorado longer than any other city since striking out on my own. I guess I like it here.

Anniversaries are an interesting type of celebration because they tend to be a time for reflection. I’m sure my 20 year class reunion this summer will be filled with stories that start with, “Remember when …” Although we may not talk about it with friends, it’s also a time of introspection. It’s a point in time that we can logically measure and grade our progress towards whatever goals we have set in life. Perhaps those goals have been achieved, or have changed, but nevertheless I can guarantee that time has moved on.

I now have a new ticking clock with construction an ever present reminder outside my window. The beeping warning signals of reversing equipment and occasional large thud as a load of masonry or concrete lands in the back of a truck. I must admit, that I am looking forward to celebrating the anniversary of it’s completion with everyone, but that date is still some time away. I’ve never understood how a five year anniversary can seem like yesterday and a date 2 years in the future seems like forever?

So, it’s been five years since moving back to my hometown, and beginning work on the city’s Arts & Entertainment District. In that time I have heard some amazing comments when I tell people what I do every day. The top three however are, “you’re doing what”, “that’s amazing”, and “are you crazy?” My answer to all of the above, by the way, is always yes. Not only is renovating the equivalence of six city blocks amazing and crazy, it’s also transformative and in many ways cathartic. Believe me, I’ve had five years to think about it.

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