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I Am (trying to be) A Writer …

I Am (trying to be) A Writer …

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I Am (trying to be) A Writer …

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I Am (trying to be) A Writer

After leaving a significant position with a lot of eyeballs in the community always looking to see what was coming next, it’s a little awkward to run into folks around town sometimes. For instance, I love it when people ask me what I do now. “I’m writing.” There is typically a second or two pause before, “Oh, good for you.”

If I’m sincere, I’m just trying to figure it out. I write daily. Some of it appears in the forum you are currently consuming, but most of it goes unseen. Many of my words get eaten up in the editing process, which I have learned most recently is the primary job of a writer. That, and always knowing the difference between “your” and “you’re.”

However, through that education by fire, I have added a fire hose. Firmly placing my lips over the spigot, I turned on the flow. My amazon reading list which I began building about two years ago is now nearly empty. There are a TON of books on writing, and I’ve become a voracious consumer.

Starting next week, I am going to add a section to the site where I will fuse my notes and thoughts on several of these works. A recent interview inspired me of Derek Sivers. He began posting his notes from his reading material on his site and has a thorough database over the past decade. I thought to myself, I always read with a pen. I should do this! Unfortunately, I also then realized that I reduced my book collection to about one-third of its size in the past year. Alas, we shall make do.

Also, I’m super excited to announce that tomorrow will be the relaunch of the podcast Creatively. I’ve got many episodes in the coming weeks that explore a wide array of the creative arena. Musicians, filmmakers, writers, and even a priest! After the initial launch, I had to take a break to evaluate the show’s setup, premise, and schedule, but now it’s back in force!

Episodes will be released twice a month on Thursdays. There may occasionally be an episode snuck in for something special, but you can count on two shows a month. If you haven’t yet, please subscribe to make sure you get up to the second updates on all forthcoming shows. Also, I would, of course, thoroughly appreciate a review! If you’re looking for a taste immediately, I suggest a conversation with one of my best friends, and insanely creative writer Qui Nguyen. Qui is a native of El Dorado, AR., my hometown, and is one of the top produced playwrights in the country, as well as a much sought after screenwriter.

So next time we bump into each other, and we discuss “work,” please excuse me if I get a bit too wordy. My editing program works a whole lot better when I’m sitting at my desk.

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