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Creatively – Episode 006

Creatively – Episode 006

62 minute episode

Creatively – Episode 006

1078 1080 Austin Barrow

Madison Murphy - Chairman Musician

This weeks guest on the podcast is Madison Murphy.  Many people know Madison in his executive capacity as a current board member and former CFO and former Chairman of the Murphy Oil Corporation and his current Chairmanship of the Fortune 500 company Murphy USA.

In addition to the impressive resume in the board room, and perhaps a product of his ability to put his passion to work in all the right places, he is a hell of a musician. Madison grew up in S. Arkansas playing the guitar at family gatherings and after a little coaxing by his mother, during church services. We discuss his history with music and the life lessons he has been able to glean from having a creative outlet in his life, despite the stresses that high profile business has brought to his doorstep.

I’ve known this man my entire life, and have been lucky enough to see him in his capacity as an administrator, board member, mentor, and friend. He is one of the most down to earth people on the planet with a wealth of knowledge and patience. I discovered his music abilities when he hopped on stage during an event several years ago to play with a friend. What initially seemed like perhaps a passing hobby immediately changed in my mind when he started laying down some pretty sweet licks on the guitar.

I’m especially happy to share this episode with a man who is so well known for his successes in the business world, as it breaks down the barrier between one’s ability to be both analytically thoughtful while entertaining creative output. To often we categorize people, especially children in early development, as either good at math or reading, left brained or right brained, analytical or creative. Well, it turns out any of us can do both when you, as Madison puts it, “Pick your passions and pursue them.”

He was kind enough to play several songs for us, and be sure to stick around after the interview for a couple of playful additions after the show’s credits. If you would like to see Madison and his bandmates the Tepusquet Tornadoes, you can see them at the Murphy Arts District in El Dorado, AR. on May 11th and at their regular haunt in Santa Maria, CA. at the Presqu’ile Winery. They post regular event updates on their Facebook Page as well.

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