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Creatively – Episode 005

Creatively – Episode 005

64 minute episode

Creatively – Episode 005

1000 695 Austin Barrow

Filmmaker Lil' Jonnie Stapleton

First off, a brief apology for the introduction quality in this weeks episode. I’m traveling with the family, and this was recorded in the car while we drove through the Painted Desert. So, it was beautiful, but a bit noisy.

This weeks guest is Johnnie Stapleton an early career filmmaker, actor, writer and a heck of a good dancer. Johnnie is the most recent winner of the Louisiana Film Prize, a short film festival with a $50,000 grand prize. This was the second time he has won the festival in the past several years.

We discuss his origins from childhood with his mothers VHS camcorder to his first foray into film directing. His most recent feature, the Best of Seven is available on iTunes.

Johnnie and I will also wrestle with the artist’s plight of self-acceptance and why creatives have such a difficult time reaching over the heads and patting themselves on the back.

You can find more Jonnie below:



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Opening and closing music provided for by Broke for Free – Night Owl

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