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Creatively – Episode 003

Creatively – Episode 003

47 minute episode

Creatively – Episode 003

960 960 Austin Barrow

Carter ``The Power`` Bryant

This weeks guest is Carter “The Power” Bryant. Carter is a radio host, comedian, and sports enthusiasts. His life’s motto is to make people smile, and he does a damn good job of it, especially when he’s on stage.

Carter co-hosted the first episode of Creatively when we interviewed Ryan Niemiller. It’s a hilarious episode with a fascinating dude and worth a listen (iTunes).

This week we learn about where Carter’s passion for comedy and comes from and how he got the nerve to stand up in front of people and hone his craft. We also learn about the origins of his nickname, The Power. If you enjoy the episode, and you are in the area, he has a show on March 20th of 2019 in Little Rock Arkansas with the always funny Dusty Slay. Tickets to the show can be found here.

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Website: CarterThePower.com

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