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Creatively – Episode 001

Creatively – Episode 001

30 minute episode

Creatively – Episode 001

1733 1733 Austin Barrow

Ryan Niemiller

This weeks guest is comedian Ryan Niemiller with co-host and fellow comedian Carter ‘The Power’ Bryant. We take a look at the unique comedy of Ryan coming up this evening in S. Arkansas at the Murphy Arts District.

Ryan is a nationally recognized touring comedian and does more than 200 dates around the US throughout the year. For more information on Ryan and other shows that you can check out you can find him here:

Twitter – @CrippleThreat8
Facebook – @CrippleThreat8

As you may assess from the handle, Ryan has a disability, and it is the unique lens he uses to comment on the world. We delve into his start, the source of his comedy and what drives him to continue to tour around the US night after night.

My co-host Carter “The Power” Bryant is the host of The Power Hour on the Noalmark Broadcast Network and works as a regional comedian throughout the south. You can find Carter on “ALL” the social networks by looking for @CarterthePower.


Opening and closing music provided for by Broke for Free – Night Owl


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