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I welcome all comments, criticisms, accolades and everything in between. I attempt to answer all requests in a timely manner, but sometimes life happens. So, please be respectful with your patience and I promise an answer will come.

Some suggestions on topics you may wish to discuss in your message.

  • Criticism and accolades¬†– Both are welcome and appreciated. I ask that you be respectful in your approach for the former and over the top in the later! I look forward to the dialogue, but if your rude, vulgar or violent in your approach, I can promise you nothing more than the delete button.
  • Sending pitches – Always interested in learning about the next big thing, but please be specific in all messages whether it is a request for advice or investment.
  • Interviews – This is a great way to make interview requests. However, in the event of message overload, I always suggest contacting my office which can be found below.

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