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WGT – Episode 027

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You might know her best from her Golden Globe-nominated performance in Chasing Amy by another independent film maverick Kevin Smith or her most recent television appearance as Debbie Lynn Cooke on Still the King, along with her CMT co-star Billy Ray Cyrus. In addition to her “on camera” work, Joey Lauren Adams is an inspiring screenwriter and director.

In this episode, Austin sits down with Joey to learn more about her journey in the world of entertainment. From actor to writer, to director, Joey has had a prolific career in the industry. We learn about her early days in Hollywood, the lesson that leads towards her discovery of her own voice and also about her upcoming projects.

WGT – Episode 026

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Jeff Coleman (Jeff Colemen and the Feeders) joins Austin in the executive suites of El Dorado Festivals & Events in downtown El Dorado for an hour of power! Jeff was born in Little Rock and grew up in Searcy. He started playing in high school along with gracing the stage of the theater department.

South on Main hosted a performance by the band broadcast on AETN as part of the On the Front Row show. The Feeders have been together for more than 10 years and their tenacity for musical variety has benefited greatly.

Jeff, also a full-time computer programmer, shares his best advice for getting into music. It’s sage advice that anyone can follow … work at Guitar Center. He also tells us how he got involved with the film Valley Inn with his song US Highway 49 featured in the movie.

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WGT – Episode 025

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Who doesn’t love waking up on a laid back sunny morning only to find a note that says, “Warm Spudnuts waiting inside.” Our guests today, the musical group Tom & Hebron join us on a late morning with that, “I didn’t realize I could eat 6 Spudnuts looks on their faces.” In studio is also Jordan Scott, the lead in the feature film Valley Inn, and the primary reason for their visit to El Dorado. Hebron and Tom Chester (brothers don’t ya know) were in town to play music for the CD & DVD release party of the film. Tom recently “married up” when Jordan accepted his proposal, and the trio now lives in Nashville.

We talked to the brothers Chester about their idols, from the Beatles, Stevie Wonder (Tom is a helluva piano player) and Paul McCartney, and they are also digging on some of the new stuff, 21 Pilots and Chris Stapleton. Their music is all over the board when it comes to type, and they identify with the Beatles and Mr. Wonder with the idea that each song can be unique like, “it’s a whole world!”

They grew up playing together as children. Their father was a great piano player, and their mother dabbled at the guitar. “We came from a singing family. We were singing before we were playing instruments. I’d say our first gig was leading worship songs at Church of Christ.” Tom & Hebron’s first gig was at a nursing home, and their biggest fan base is still 80’s and up.

At 14, Hebron started playing guitar, wrapping his fingers in tape to keep them from bleeding on the fret board. Tom said it was like, “one day he could play guitar and the next we were playing like an Eric Clapton unplugged session.”

The guys are in Nashville hoping that someone will take a chance on them. They are hard to pigeon hole in the music industry because they like playing so many types of music. They originally wanted to write music, but once Hebron picked up the guitar, they thought there might be a little Rock & Roll in store for the duo.

Jordan laughs along to the brothers’ silly stories and smiles dotingly on her husband as he calls up his grunt work getting out the first album. After a little prodding, she jumps into the conversation telling about the comical process of auditioning for Valley Inn. She auditioned with laryngitis. She was living in Seattle, teaching improv to children, when Tom popped the big question. Passions take a big role in leading Jordan in this journey of life, and right now she is pleased as a peach living in Nashville and pursuing all the opportunities she can get her hands on.

Tom & Hebron can be found on iTunes. Their albums Zoyugo and Ridgerunner can be purchased where ever you like to download your music these days. You can also check out their work on Featuring.Me where the album is completely interactive, and you can be a part of making the music.