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Calm Before the Storm

Calm Before the Storm

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Calm Before the Storm

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Calm Before the Storm

Every establishment I ventured into in the past forty-eight hours, I have run into a friend, acquaintance, and in a couple of instances total strangers, who have said to me, “You look so calm to have such a big event coming up this weekend!” So, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I am not calm … not even close, but I have had an acting class or two.

… the most important function of a deadline is to meet it with style and grace.

I spend every waking moment thinking through every minute detail of the event starting on Friday night. You would think that after four years of putting on the Southern Food & Wine Festival, I would have the ability to simply pull out my list of to-do’s, check them off one by one, and welcome everyone to the party. Not that I don’t have that list!

Anyone in production, or anyone fret with regular deadlines builds their own system of how to deal with the pressure of that large, looming, laborious ticking clock towards showtime! I have developed my own Pavlovian response to production work that includes looking over to-do’s, remaining calm, putting out fire’s, remaining calm, checking on the food, remaining calm and checking on the talent. Wait, what do you mean we have to have a drum kit for the band? Where do you find a drum kit in less than 24 hours and remain calm? I assure you it can and will be found, but if you are interested in in air drums, you might want to join us on Friday night.

Here’s another little secret. There is no greater motivator of the body and mind than a deadline. Some people like to prep, some make lists and others use procrastination in an athletic fashion, testing the limits of the number of accomplishments one can pile up in the day before. You procrastinators know who you are! Regardless of your technique, the most important function of a deadline is to meet it with style and grace.

This weekend will be fraught with fun, music, drinks and food. We enjoy putting up with the strife of creating a good time, and the reward is found in the people who come play with us at our events. The photos, Facebook posts, snapchats and good old fashioned thank you cards we have received after our events motivate us to continue to strive towards creating unique experiences in a fun, relaxed and hospitable environment.

So, when you see me over the weekend know that just below the surface is a ticking todo list, covered up by a facade of calm. On the other hand, if I look like I’m loosing it, just hand me a glass of wine and tell me to enjoy the party. We hope you will join us this weekend for the 4th annual Southern Food & Wine Festival on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon right after the Mayhaw Festival. The festival season is upon us here in El Dorado!

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