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Arkansas 100 Podcast

Arkansas 100 Podcast

57 minute podcast

Arkansas 100 Podcast

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Arkansas 100 Podcast - Austin Barrow: Going MAD

I can not state emphatically enough how much fun this interview was earlier last month. It was a pleasure to participate in this show with Natalie Ghidotti via the Arkansas 100, and hope that you all will tune in for other episodes about all the amazing things going on in the state of Arkansas.

I always love to wax on and on about El Dorado. Perhaps its the professor in me that hasn’t gotten past the idea of standing in front of a crowd and droning on for an hour, or maybe I just like the attention. I’ll let you all decide.

So, without further ado … please enjoy this episode of the Arkansas 100 podcast where we dive into the story of the recent history of El Dorado, AR. You can listen by visiting their website, iTunes, Stitcher, or the embedded player below.

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