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All Up to Faith

All Up to Faith

30-Minute Sitcom

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Dreamer, optimist, and single mom invests her life savings in a day spa in her hometown where people purchase every luxury in life at the local Walmart.

30-Minute Sitcom

The pilot episode takes place on Faith’s opening day for her new day spa in her hometown. This newly divorced single mom has sunk her life savings into creating her own arena of zen, but she wants to make some cheddar too. As a new business owner, she has dreams of creating the perfect environment for not only herself but her employees and customers as well. Alas, sometimes dreams don’t always work out the way you plan.

Nicole, her grotesquely wealthy best friend, and local sex addicts anonymous chair can’t help herself but get in on the action. With a determination rivaled only by that of a lion in tall grass eyeballing a lame zebra, she knows she can make Faith happy. Her bumbling attempts to help Faith in life, love, and business would push most people apart, but these two are inseparable.


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